Batch production   Door trays

This project made use of a single workshop cutting sheet split up to provide the base components.

Recorded in the sheet are the tool marks; drill holes, blade cuts and routed channels from use as a worktop.

The machining and assembly of the trays was developed with the target to create a commercially viable product.

A second product line was developed simultaneous to make use of the door timber off-cuts.

20x A4&A3 trays were produced, and 18x sets of tiles & coasters.

Each process should be well considered, and thoroughly applied throughout the entire stock.

Production of consistently uniform off-cuts being the aim.

Assembly is the point in production, where effective batch systems can help with consistency and speed.

Forming frames made it possible to square up the tray components before a final clamping process.

Once clamped for around 30 minutes inside the former, the trays could be removed and retained with further corner clamping.

The forming frames can then be re-loaded for a rolling production.